Republican County Commissioners REDLINE conversation from County Commissioner Meeting Minutes!

The newly sworn in Republican Teton County Commissioners, Harley Wilcox and Mark Ricks, have been critical of the minutes taken by the qualified, long-serving county clerk. They revised the minutes and in the process are seeking to strike a massive portion of the conversations recorded in the minutes from the record. Wilcox said the minutes are too up to  “interpretation” in their current form and said the content invites argument. WHICH IT SHOULD.

The redlined paragraphs that the Republicans want to erase contain vitally important information about possible conflicts of interest involving Commissioner Mark Ricks and Prosecutor Billie Siddoway in relation to the Solid Waste Fee lawsuit, which is pending before the Idaho Supreme Court. The fact that newly elected Republicans are seeking to hide this information by striking it from the minutes is concerning to anyone who values government transparency.





PUBLIC LANDS: We support protecting our public lands from the state government, corporations, real estate, and private interests. We also support expanding access to public lands so that Teton Valley residents can all enjoy them. We want to preserve the rights of fishermen to fish, hunters to hunt, hikers to hike, skiers to ski, and so on.

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: The Teton County Democratic Party wants to make sure that our valley grows responsibly by defending land owners, holding developers accountable, enforcing land use law, and ensuring that people who work here can afford to live here.

: We are advocates for Teton Valley’s students and teachers, supporting school levies and bonds to sustain and improve the quality of the Teton School District. The Republican state government has slashed budgets and crippled schools throughout the state, but we refuse to let them do it to our valley. All our candidates support giving our students opportunities outside the classroom to continue education and prepare them for success.


Next Monthly Meeting:

Wednesday February 1, 2017

5:30 PM, Cicero’s Cafe in Driggs

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